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You’ve got your everyday people and’ve got your fans. Real fans. The radical diehard kind. These are the people who don’t just watch a game, they live and die with every, single tick of the game clock.

These are the passionate people. These are true fans. These...are our customers. And FanFoods caters directly to the unbridled passion that drives them, providing a wide range of food products designed to cater directly to their wilder hungry side. We provide the kind of food that lets real fans spend more time enjoying the game and less time worrying about what to eat and how to cook it.

Brought to you by legendary All-Pro fullback Lorenzo Neal and an all-star team of food, restaurant and entertainment experts, FanFoods invites you to celebrate your passion – whatever it may be – by indulging in an array of radically delicious food from beginning to end.

So hang on, the party is just getting started. It’s time to get radical and fanatical!

Lorenzo Neal Approved