Grill-It or Skillet

Buisiness Development & Strategy

Fan Foods Products

Fan Foods development strategy is to grow by utilizing the expertise in the diversity of the team in order to drive efficiencies of scale through better buying power, media, and lower overhead expense margins.

Fan Foods will initially target the Central Valley (Stockton – Bakersfield) with plans for expansion in the future. The initial target market consists of the smaller Independent Grocers (IGA) and franchised supermarkets such as Food4Less, FoodsCo etc. The goal is to create a solid foundation to build upon. After the initial launch, Fan Foods will then target the large local chains like Savemart. Once the Central Valley is penetrated, Fan Foods will then target the national supermarkets and club stores. The planned strategy will be to grow by regions as we expand to the national scene.

We believe that the Fan Foods Concept will become appealing to the larger national chains as we develop new product lines. Fan Foods currently has co-pack agreements with three local manufacturers. Each of the three manufacturers are experts in their respective areas of the food processing industry. Fan Foods product lines are currently in the frozen grocery, meat, and shelf stable (sauces) departments. Fan Foods goal is to have product lines in each department of the grocery store. Fan Foods will conduct research and development of new products internally and through co-pack agreements with other manufacturers.

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